My work in marketing and advertising for the construction industry dates back to the 1980's. This includes everything from writing newsletter stories, taking photographs for brochures and producing videos to helping transform model home garages into marketing and sales centers.

So the thought process and marketing approach that I put into my website design and functionality is a result of a well-rounded background and years of experience in traditional builder marketing methods and philosophies.


As a small business, we embrace the opportunity to work one on one with each of our clients and maintain a personalized approach to designing and maintaining the website.

We manage the number of clients we maintain as active and control the flow of new projects scheduled to ensure that our standards of customer service and client response are met.





When I founded Builder Websites, Inc. back in the late 1990's, I was excited to embrace this new technology and help my clients in the building industry take advantage of reaching new customers through something called the internet.

I am lucky to have seen the internet grow from what some called a "Technological Fad", into what many now call the most important and influencing medium of our history.

And for today's businesses, including home builders and remodelers, an effective online website presence is critical in successful sales and marketing.

Proud to be beginning our 15th year designing websites for America's home builders and remodelers.