We are dedicated to working with you to create a custom website solution tailored to your specific requirements.


Our goal is to offer affordable website design and development options, no matter how simple or complex you want your site to be.

- Most of our clients are small volume custom home builders who want a professional looking website with great looking architectural photography and copy content that highlights experience, approach and areas they build. Most build a limited number of homes each year on private lots often owned by their customers. These clients want their sites updated every one to three months.


- Another type of builder we work with is the custom or semi-custom builder who is actively marketing lots and/or homes in specific new home neighborhoods. This type of website would include all that would be found in a small volume custom builder site as described above, but with added features and function. In these cases we would add featured neighborhood areas that would include interactive plats, Google locator maps, area amenity links, model and inventory details and more.*

- We have clients who specialize in remodeling and home improvement, as well as land development firms who want a dedicated community website.

We all know that the popularity of mobile use is exploding. At Builder Websites we take a common sense approach to mobile website development.

We believe that by creating an "app-like" environment and eliminating the "pinch & zoom" challenges of traditional websites, your clients will enjoy a browsing experience when they visit your site.

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* Some content such as lot availability, pricing and model photos and details can be updated and maintained by updated by you using our proprietary content management system.

We design websites for builders, remodelers and developers who understand the importance of a professionally designed website, appreciate graphic design excellence and are willing to invest in maintaining their online presence over time.

We believe in being straightforward with you right from the start. If you are looking for a $199 do-it-yourself style site, we are not your company. If you are looking for a cookie-cutter template maker, we are not your company. And if you are looking for a blog style site where you can update every single word and every single picture any time you wish, honestly, we are probably not the type of website design firm you want.

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We are trusted by today's home building industry professionals who expect excellence in today's online marketing and advertising environment.

Custom website designs created for those home
builders who expect excellence.